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Philosophy and Vision

Ajinomoto Group Philosophy

We create better lives globally by contributing to significant advances in Food and Health and by working for Life.

Ajinomoto Group Way

Create New Value

Create value with new ideas and continuous innovation based on unique technologies and science.
(Product value creation bolstered by technology, new dietary proposals)

Pioneer Spirit

Continue to constantly take on the challenge of creating new businesses and markets.
(Tenacity, wisdom and cumulative efforts at the on-site level)
(Adapt to regional culture and market conditions in creating markets)

Social Contribution

Accommodate social requirements with humility and honesty, with the objective of maximizing value for society through business activities.
(Resolve social issues) (Improve the global environment) (Security and safety) (Trustworthy production) (Fair, impartial, transparent and simple)

Value People

Respect the humanity of all the people involved in the Ajinomoto Group's businesses, and be an organization in which they can grow and display their abilities to the fullest extent.
(Provide a workplace where people can flourish) (Career development, support and follow-up) (Fair performance evaluation) (Teamwork)

Ajinomoto Group Vision

We aim to be a group of companies that contributes to human health globally by continually creating unique value to benefit customers.

  1. To become a global group of food companies centered on the world's No. 1 seasoning business.

  2. To become a global group of aminoscience companies that contributes to humankind with the world's No. 1 amino acid technology.

  3. To become a group of health-promoting companies with a scientific approach to good taste and health.