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Ajinomoto HK History


Ajinomoto Co., (HK) was started in 1979, though we started our business as a representative office of Ajinomoto Co., Inc, in 1927. Our company's mission is to promote exportation of the products of our affiliated companies in the world to China, and the development of Hong Kong market.

From 90s, 'High Quality & Good to Health becomes the most important in Hong Kong Food Business, and we put our efforts to introduct various consumer items such as, Nutritional Drinks (CEAMINO GEAR), Frozen Food, Seasonings('HON-DASHI', 'AJI-SHIO PEPPER', 'AJI-SHIO-CHILI'), as well as Sweeteners ('Pal Sweet', 'SLIM UP').

Year 2006, as Ajinomoto Group has acquired Amoy Food Group companies from Group DANONE, business structure changed in Ajinomoto Hong Kong. Since Amoy has a well established local network of retail business in Hong Kong, we considered to transfer all the retail business to Amoy. So we could focus on opening the industrial market such as Amino acid, AJITIDE, Sweeteners (Aspartame) in Southeast Asia Market.